Girls Night

Girls night

This evening I had a wonderful night with two of my most fantastic friends in the whole entire world and
of course I considered this an initial “girls night”. Then one of my girlfriends boyfriends asks “what is a girls night anyways? Do you guys talk about boys and then have pillow fights later on”. I found this comment highly amusing. One because there was some truth about it. We will probably talk about boys. And secondly because I really think girl bonding time has two aspects to it. There are two different types of girls nights that all boys need to understand, so I’m going to blog about them both so that boys can understand the difference a little better:

1. Girls night= Staying in
This typical girls night usually consists of us gossiping and chatting away. We may make food and probably munch on some junk food. We will converse non the less probably about boys, sex or other important things in our lives. Advice is exchanged as well as some good laughs and giggles. We will probably watch some overrated chick flick and enjoy it just as much as the first time we watched it together. This kind of night would be what I would refer to as a chill night. And every girl needs one of these every once and awhile.

2. Girls night = Going out
On thus typical girls night, we are getting bombed! We are getting dressed up up the nines in our party dresses and hitting the clubs. This girls night consists of dancing, letting loose having fun! I get wasted on these girls night, cause who else would you want more around than your best girl friends after youve had to many. You can always count on them!

(Not my best post, but something I had to clarify)