Why is it easier for me to write about something, anything when I am sad or unhappy? My best thoughts come out when I am at my lowest. That’s when I do the most thinking about life, love and the future.

I go through stages at times, where I am really sad or extremely happy. It changes, different time periods and for different reasons. But when I’m in the “happy state”, like I am now. I feel like I can’t write. I believe that I can’t express my thoughts as well as I can when I am miserable.

A lot of people probably won’t understand this, but I was wondering if it happens to anyone else.


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Does Certainty really exist?  We wake each morning – the sun rises.  That’s certainly real!  Night falls and another day follows.  I go to the bathroom and the shower is waiting for me.  My toothbrush is right where I left it.  I am certain of that.  I head to the frig and I am certain that I will be out of Half & Half.  I am right.  I think the proof is stacking up in favor of certainty.  What a relief!

But, suddenly everything changes when I awake to find that my muscles no longer remember how to lift me out of bed?  I know with certainty that my toothbrush and shower are waiting for me exactly where I left them last night.  But, I can’t get to the bathroom.  Muscles have memory.  I know that.  So, I wait for them to remember.  With a little coaxing, they begrudgingly accommodate me.  But…

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