Pleasures both good and bad from feeling cold

When you eat icecream or a freezie and your whole body shivers from the simply pleasure you get just from eating the delicious cooling substance in your mouth.
When it feels like the temperature in your mouth drops 10’degrees and your lips still feel cool several minutes later after eating the chilled dessert of choice.
When your standing outside during a snowfall on the corner of the street beside a lamp post in the dark. One minute your thinking how beautiful the scene looks. The snow falling from the sky flickers from the light and you can see tiny cascades and flashes of the snowflakes that the universe created, unique all in one. And that moment lasts for a second, until your reminded of the bitter coldness and the frost that nips at your nose and cheeks as they turn flush red; cold from the weather. As you stuff your hands inside your coat jacket, you march to your destination with full force. Your only motivation is warmth.
When you’ve had a long day and all you wanna do crawl into your bed. Those first few moments are dreadfully cold, goosebumps explode all over your skin. And then your body warms the sheets and your loved one comes to bed. Goodnights and cuddles are exchanged; all the sudden your happy and your warm.
When you get shivers from nervousness, from a lovers touch it, when you hear a beautifully lyrical song or voice. Those shivers are within themselves the sensation of feeling cold. Goosebumps as a result from the joys you can experience turning warm.


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